Breast Reconstruction Dallas, TX

For many women, surgery is a significant part of their cancer treatment. Understandably, many worry about their overall appearance afterward. Reconstructive surgery is an option. In fact, undergoing the procedure may help maintain or restore a positive body-image. The result is a better outlook and more courage. The reconstructive surgery uses a woman’s tissue to form a new breast that both looks and feels natural. This technique significantly improves recovery – both physically and mentally.

Overwhelming Emotions

It’s entirely reasonable for breast cancer patients to experience anger, sadness, or frustration due to the recent changes to their physical appearance. Maintaining a confident self-image may reduce depression and improve well-being.

Here are a few tips to improve your self-image after breast cancer:

  • Set aside time to grieve. It takes time to adjust to physical changes. Understand that as you heal, you’ll look and feel better, more confident than ever before.
  • You’re still you. While your body may have undergone changes, you’re still the same person. Look within and celebrate who you indeed are.
  • Keep routines. Keep your health and hygiene routines, including grooming. Maintain regular dental care, and manicure your nails.

Finding Help and Support

Regardless of your recent changes, it’s crucial to know there is help and support when you need it most. Speaking with your doctor, for example, may open a line of dialogue leading to support groups.

Some current research studies show that younger women, who represent 1 out of 9 breast cancer survivors, typically have more trouble adjusting to the stresses of cancer and its treatment. It often feels isolating. If you’re having trouble adjusting to life after diagnosis and treatment, seek a counselor or support group aimed at young breast cancer survivors.

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