isometric exerciseIsometric exercise can be a great way to shed some inches off of your inner thighs. It’s convenient, since you don’t have to do it in a gym, and it’s also very effective. You can even do it while brushing your teeth in the morning if you’re really pressed for time.

How it’s Done

Isometric exercise is where you hold a position as your muscles are contracted. Others include holding a bucket in an outstretched arm or pushing against a wall. Isometrics are great for people who don’t have the time to go to the gym or have a leg injury. Even though the bones aren’t moving, the muscles are.

For this particular exercise, stand up straight facing a counter, placing a hand on the counter for balance. Make sure both of your hips, as well as both of your feet, are pointing forward. Lift one leg very slowly to the side – don’t try to stretch it too far or too quickly or you’ll risk pulling a muscle. While you’re doing this, make sure your foot still points forward. If the foot is even slightly tilted at an angle, you won’t be working your outer thigh but your inner thigh instead (the quadriceps muscles).

Your foot should be no more than eight inches off the ground. Remember, you’re using this isometric exercise to firm up your outer thighs – this isn’t yoga. You should feel a tightening sensation in the thigh. Hold this position for either 30 seconds or five deep breaths. Relax the leg, repeat twice and then switch to the other leg.

Try this isometric exercise for a week and you should start seeing results. If you don’t see those results after a few weeks, you might want to consider having a thigh lift procedure. Get in touch with JHopkins Plastic Surgery to find out whether or not this procedure would be best for you. Contact us online or call 972-298-6641.