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Chest Implants for Men Dallas, TXTired of working out, but not seeing the results you expect? Then placement of pectoral implants may be an option for you to consider. The procedure is a minor surgical procedure that involves placement of a set of custom implants in the areas of the pectoral muscles of the chest. After the procedure, you will see the improvement in your physique as soon as the bandages are removed.

When approaching a pectoral implant surgery, Dallas patients should consider all aspects. They wonder about recovery, the cost, and if they are the right candidate. Well, the team here at J Hopkins Plastic Surgery will tell you here and now that we have your best interest in mind. If you’re the right candidate, we’ll inform you. If you’re not, we’ll tell you that too. If you’re worried about the risks of male breast reduction surgery, don’t worry; our key goal is your knowledge.

Best Candidates for Pectoral Implant Surgery

The best candidates for pectoral implant surgery are the ones who are relatively healthy and can handle the recovery. This is because the process your body goes through is not a simple one. The best candidates need to withstand the surgery itself as well. If you have any questions about the surgery, we’re happy to answer any of them, so you can feel more confident walking into the surgery room.

Pectoral Implant Procedure Steps

If you are considering pectoral implants, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that is involved in the procedure. It can be incredibly reassuring when you have all the information you need to feel comfortable with the surgery. We are happy to share with you the pectoral implant procedure steps.

Step 1: Consultation- Schedule a consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and the results you are looking for. The team at J Hopkins will then provide you with several options and explain the process in greater detail.

Step 2: Anesthesia- You will be either heavily sedated or put under general anesthesia for your procedure. Please let your doctor know if you had any previous issues with sedation or general anesthesia.

Step 3: Incision- A small incision is made under the armpit, and the room is made for the implant in your chest.

Step 4: Implant- The implant is placed and positioned by the surgeon.

Step 5: Recovery- You will spend some time recovering and waking up from the anesthesia. You will have a follow-up appointment a day or two after your surgery to check the healing process.

After Pectoral Implant Surgery

After the surgery itself, you’ll need a friend or advocate who can help you get home safely and help you prepare for recovery. This is someone who understands the dietary restrictions, what strenuous activity you cannot take on, and the extent to which you need rest and medication. We stress that after the surgery, you have a person with your best interest in mind.

Benefits & Risks

There are many benefits of undergoing pectoral implant surgery, and just like any procedure, some disadvantages. Most Dallas patients are very satisfied with their decision to undergo surgery and have an uneventful recovery. However, a small percentage of Dallas patients may have some complications like skin numbness, swelling, or itching where the skin is pulled tight from the implant. Many of these issues resolve over time. There is also a small risk of infection with any surgery. If you have any redness, fever, or smelly discharge coming from your incision site, contact your doctor immediately.

Cost of Pectoral Implants

The cost of pectoral implants can vary depending on your specific needs. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of pectoral implants. However, at J Hopkins Plastic Surgery, we do provide affordable financing options. For more details regarding the cost of pectoral implant surgery and the services we offer, contact us at (972) 298-6641.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hopkins, M.D. Plastic Surgeon and Advocate

If our team could be your advocate beyond the surgery, we would. We do everything we can to help you feel prepared, ready to recover, and on your way to a new you. Dr. Jeffrey D. Hopkins focuses on his Dallas patient’s needs first and foremost. We ensure the health, safety, and the desired outcome every time.

Contact J Hopkins Plastic Surgery for the pectoral implants you want and deserve. Call our Dallas office today at (972) 298-6641. 

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