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Medically Reviewed by Dr. J. Hopkins


October 19, 2018

Dallas Female Model With Breast Reduction Smiling HappilySometimes bigger isn’t always better. In fact, every year, Dallas area women with naturally large breasts consult with Dr. Hopkins of J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery for a breast reduction surgery because, for them, large breasts just don’t suit their lifestyles. There are several reasons why women who are born with naturally large breasts consider having plastic surgery to reduce their size. Here are 5 of those top reasons.

1. Larger Breasts Can Give Some Dallas Women Unwanted Attention

If you’ve always been big busted, especially since puberty, then you likely know how the attention you receive because of your bustline can cause negative emotional feelings. Simply wanting people to look you straight in the eye, some people’s eyes move south, focusing on your chest size rather than making eye contact with you. This can be an embarrassing situation for some women, and make it impossible for them to wear the latest fashion styles because they are too revealing for their chest size.

2. The Larger Your Breasts, the More Likely You Are to Suffer from Back Pain


Women who naturally have large breasts are more likely to suffer from back pain due to the additional weight they carry on their chests. In fact, this is one of the leading reasons that Dallas women come to visit Dr. Hopkins for a breast reduction surgery. Desiring to be able to live pain-free, they see reducing the size of their breasts as the best option for them to alleviate the pain they live with constantly from carrying so much weight on their chests.

3. Large Breasts Can Sag and Look Unattractive in Clothing

You can’t defy gravity. And Dallas women who have large breasts know that the weight of their chest causes their breasts to sag down. Even the best-designed bra can only give you so much support. Many women with large breasts find themselves hiding in loose clothing because anything more form-fitting will reveal just how much their breasts sag.

4. Many Women With Large Breasts Suffer from Painful Bra Strap Indentations on Their Shoulders

When you have large breasts, a supportive bra is a must. But sometimes, the stress of holding up your breasts places too much pressure on your shoulders. Many women seek out Dr. Hopkins’ experience in breast reduction surgery because they have painful bra strap indentations on their shoulders, which are a result of their breasts being too heavy to be supported with even a bra designed for a larger bust. 

5. Some Women with Large Breasts Experience Numbness and Tingling in Their Arms and Hands

If you experience numbness and tingling, you should always seek out the opinion of a neurologist to see if you have a neurological issue going on. But if that physician has cleared you and you still have unexplained numbness and tingling in your arms and fingers, it’s possible that your large chest size is the culprit. For some women, a breast reduction can alleviate this uncomfortable situation.

Contact Dr. Hopkins for a Consultation About Breast Reduction Surgery

As you can see, there are many cosmetic and medical reasons that women with larger busts consider a breast reduction procedure. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms described in this post, a consultation with Dr. Hopkins can help determine if this plastic surgery procedure is right for you.

To schedule this initial appointment, call J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery in Dallas today at (972) 298-6641.