Breast Procedures Dallas, TXThe reality of being a cosmetic surgery center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is that we need to be educated on the full range of breast procedures. At J Hopkins Plastic Surgery, we understand that a breast lift is different from a breast augmentation, and that breast lifts differ in the type of implant that works best for the patient. The bottom line is that we know how to help you determine which breast procedure for you.

Different Types of Breast Surgery

The different types of breast surgery include four key procedures: breast lifts, augmentations, reconstructions, and reductions. These four procedures each serve their purpose, depending on the patient’s needs.

Breast Lifts – These lift and rejuvenates the breasts for the patient. A lift is an easy, safe way to revamp your look and your life.

Breast Augmentation – Let’s say you want a change to a larger size. This look is done with a breast augmentation. You and your doctor will decide on which implant works best for your age and aesthetic needs.

Breast Reduction – Too often, larger breasts can cause long-term back problems. The weight imbalance can very heavily weigh down a person. A reduction addresses those concerns.

Breast Reconstruction – Whether addressing pre-existing concerns or new ones created in the previous breastwork, a breast reconstruction is a way to bring back the fullness and regularity of your bustline.

Whatever the motivation for your breast change, make sure you have the professionals with the appropriate skill set. Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins can be the resource and advocate for your change.

Recovery from a Breast Procedure

Recovering from a breast surgery doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, with proper care and concern, recovery is a cake walk. Don’t try to rush the process, and you’ll yield dramatic results you will be immensely happy with. In most cases, you can be back to work or play after a week.

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