Some of the key questions our Dallas patients at J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery always ask involve lingering concerns about lower body lifts. We will say this here and now: a body lift works to bring back the body, rejuvenating the skin and creating youthfulness. The patient can regain a body that matches the way he or she feels, rather than a body that has succumbed to aging.

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Best Candidates for a Body Lift

The best candidates for a body lift are those who are in relatively healthy shape and are ready for the surgery, both emotionally and physically. They can withstand the surgery and understand they will need ample recovery time.

If a patient is unsure, we can help with the process. We aim to have our Dallas patients fully prepared for the surgery and its necessary aftercare. From day one, Dr. Jeffrey D. Hopkins ensures you are ready.

The Body Lift Procedure

Body contouring has always been one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, which is why a body lift has become so worthwhile to many Dallas patients hoping to proportion their body perfectly. A lower body lift is a type of operation that addresses lax skin and excess fat around the abdomen, waist, hips, and buttocks.

A body lift procedure is considered a large procedure, as it generally takes around 6 hours to fully complete. It can be dangerous, which is something all patients should understand. Many lose a lot of blood during the procedure, which is why it is highly recommended to have a friend or family member donate 2 pints of blood beforehand. Following the completion of the plastic surgery, most Dallas patients will remain in the hospital for up to two days to ensure they are healing properly and functioning as they should. A skilled surgeon should offer patients comfort, however, as this type of procedure is certainly nothing new.

Risks and Costs of Body Lift Surgery

To be prepared, patients need to know both the risks and the rewards of the surgery. Risks are the common ones you’d see with any surgery, and the rewards are immense. Not only does a body lift allow you more flexibility, but it provides a look for your body you’ve wanted for years.

In a lower body lift, the cost is a concern for many Dallas patients. Unfortunately, not many health insurance plans will cover the cost of this surgery. However, with Dr. Jeffrey D. Hopkins, this shouldn’t be a problem. With financing, through CareCredit for example, your cosmetic procedure can become a reality.

The team at J. Hopkins has your interests in mind. We work with you, not against you when it comes to financing your body lift. This surgery rejuvenates your health, physically and emotionally; a happier and healthier life is the J Hopkins way. Contact our Dallas office at (972) 298-6641.