Many Dallas area residents desire a more defined bottom. But sometimes, no matter how many squats and lunges you do, you just can’t get the shapely buttocks that you desire. Such is the case with the several Dallas patients who see Dr. Hopkins every year at J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery for a Brazilian Butt Lift. This popular procedure helps patients reshape their buttocks using natural fat injections, while also providing the benefit of liposuction to their problems areas, which may include the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. The result is often a more shapely behind, with an overall improved figure and silhouette.*

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Dr. Hopkins’ Approach to a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Hopkins is one of Dallas’s well-loved and well respected plastic surgeons, by both his patients and his fellow plastic surgeon peers. When you work with Dr. Hopkins for a Brazilian Butt Lift, you can trust that you have chosen a physician, you can trust with your body, silhouette, and your overall health and safety.

With a Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Hopkins will first perform liposuction on the agreed-upon problem area. Even if you’re a Dallas resident who is fit and trim, you likely have enough of a fatty deposit in your abdomen, on your flanks, or in your thighs to harvest the small amount of fat cells needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Once these fat cells are retrieved, Dr. Hopkins will immediately filter them, and then inject them directly into your gluteal muscles. The result – a more curvaceous behind, and lifted buttocks.*

And, unlike the butt implants of the past, which often had to be replaced regularly, the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift may last a lifetime, if you follow Dr. Hopkins’ post-op instructions – which includes not sitting on your bottom for two weeks so that you don’t kill the injected fat cells before they can take hold in your buttocks – and you don’t gain or lose a significant amount of weight after your procedure.

Am I a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are several criteria that Dr. Hopkins considers before telling Dallas patients they are candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift. These include ensuring that potential Brazilian Butt Lift patients are:

In good overall medical health.

Are close to their ideal body weight, as gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after your surgery may negatively impact your results.

Committed to following Dr. Hopkins’ post-op procedures.

Non-smokers, as smoking can complicate both the surgery and recovery process.

Realistic about their expectations.

In good psychological health.

How Does The BBL Procedure Work?

Typically, the Brazilian Butt Lift involves three steps. All three steps are performed on an outpatient basis, and you will be fully sedated for the entirety of the process.

In the first step, fat is extracted from the donor area. Typically, this is the thighs, lower back, hips, or abdomen. Liposuction is used to remove this unwanted fat from the body.

The second step involves the extracted fat being purified and prepared for transfer.

Thirdly, your surgeon will inject the purified fat into the buttocks at specific points, selected to increase the overall volume of your buttocks while also improving their shape.

Liposuction on Problem Areas

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Buttock Implants

There are a number of options available for patients who wish to enjoy more pronounced and shapely buttocks. The two most common methods are the Brazilian Butt Lift and buttock implants. Many patients assume that the two procedures are identical, but there are some essential distinctions.

Butt implants require the addition of silicone implants, whereas Brazilian Butt Lifts use your own natural fat, grafted from one part of the body to another. Many patients prefer the latter method because it looks and feels more natural, and comes with a lower risk of complication or rejection.

If you have been wishing for a round, voluptuous bottom that will perfectly fill out your jeans, turn heads at the beach, and complete your hourglass silhouette, call Dr. Hopkins today to discuss how he can help you reach your body image goals with a customized Brazilian butt lift.

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What to Expect From a BBL Surgery?

If you have never experienced a Brazilian Butt Lift, it is only natural to have some questions about what the procedure entails. At J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery, we are committed to patient comfort and safety from the start of the procedure through the recovery. Here are some basic guidelines as to what you can expect from your surgery.

Preparing for a Brazilian Butt Lift

The best way to prepare for your procedure is simply to ensure that you are in good health overall. If you are a smoker, we strongly advise quitting for at least a few weeks. Make sure you are eating well and exercising regularly, and that you have a reasonably healthy and consistent body weight.

Dr. Hopkins will provide you with any further instructions that will help you prepare for surgery, including any medications you need to discontinue.

Day Of The Surgery

On the day of your procedure, you will change into a gown and spend a few minutes verifying that you have followed all pre-surgery guidelines. You will be fully sedated for the surgery itself so that you do not experience any pain or discomfort. In total, you can expect the procedure to take between three and four hours. However, you will likely be at the surgery center for at least five hours, ensuring you are in stable condition before you are cleared to head home.

After The Surgery

As you wake up from your surgery, you may experience some minor tenderness or pain at the incision site. Dr. Hopkins will provide you with prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable during your recovery. You will also be given a compression garment to wear, which will both promote healing and reduce swelling.

The team at J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery will furnish you with more detailed after-care instructions, and let you know when you need to return for a follow-up appointment.

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift

Many of Dr. Hopkins’ Dallas patients report that they don’t experience much pain while recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift, at least not more than can be managed with the prescription medications that Dr. Hopkins will prescribe you.* However, the most challenging part of recovery is associated with the positions in which you are allowed to lie in for the first two weeks following your procedure. Because sitting down directly on your buttocks can prevent your newly injected fat cells from taking hold in your gluteal muscles, you can’t do it. Instead, you’ll need to lie down on your stomach or side or prop your thighs up with several pillows so that you aren’t putting any pressure on your bottom.

Because these positions may be challenging, especially at first while you are still trying them out, Dr. Hopkins recommends that you arrange for a relative, friend or advocate to stay with you for the first few days following your surgery. This extra pair of hands is extremely helpful because you will need assistance getting around and moving in the first few days following your procedure. Plus, you’ll want someone nearby to help you change positions, perform daily tasks that you can’t, and help bring you back to Dr. Hopkins’ Dallas office ASAP if you suspect you have any complications.

About two weeks after your surgery, you’ll be able to return to your normal activities, including sitting down, and going to work or school. However, you won’t be able to perform strenuous lifting or exercise for about 2 months. The reason – exercise burns fat, and you don’t want to accidentally burn off the fat that was injected into your gluteal muscles.

Scheduling a Consultation

If you’re unhappy with your buttocks, why not reach out to see if a Brazilian Butt Lift can help you? Call Dr. Hopkins at his offices in Dallas at (972) 298-6641 to schedule your Brazilian Butt Lift consultation today.

*Individual Results May Vary