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Medically Reviewed by Dr. J. Hopkins


April 4, 2019

Woman with stripped shirt in the parkWomen who suffer from overly large breasts also have to deal with the medical problems that come with them. Not only do large breasts bring unwanted attention, but they hurt – in more ways than one. Dr. Hopkins wants each of his patients, and potential patients, to be educated on their prospective procedures; therefore, he has created a list of medical problems that can be associated with overly large breasts. Keep reading to learn more and find out if you need to see Dr. Hopkins for a breast reduction procedure.

1. Chronic Back, Neck, And Shoulder Pain

For women in Dallas who have breasts that are just too large, one of the biggest medical complaints is the pain they experience in their back, neck and shoulders. The weight of their breasts is just too much for their frame (and their bra) to handle. By performing a breast reduction, Dr. Hopkins can provide relief from the chronic pain many women with larger breasts experience.

2. Chronic Headaches

Did you know that excessively large breasts can cause women to have headaches…all the time? It’s true. Not only do large breasts put stress on your back, neck and shoulders, but that stress can also lead to chronic headaches and in some cases, migraines. Dr. Hopkins recommends you see your primary care physician first to rule out any other medical reasons for your chronic headaches, but once you do, you should also visit him to discuss breast reduction so you can say “bye, bye” to those headaches caused by your large breasts.

3. Skin Conditions Caused By Overly Large Breasts

As though the weight of your breasts causing daily pain wasn’t enough, many women with overly large breasts also suffer from dermatitis and skin rashes underneath their breasts. By performing a breast reduction, Dr. Hopkins can relieve these skin conditions as well, making you more comfortable in your skin – literally.

4. Nerve Pain

When women in Dallas have breasts that are too large for their frame, they can also experience nerve pain. Most often this occurs in their upper extremities, but it can also happen in other places throughout the body. Removing the excess skin and fat from overly large breasts during a breast reduction procedure can give women relief from nerve pain and numbness.

5. Shortness Of Breath

The extra weight women have to carry around when they have overly large breasts can do a number on their ability to participate in different activities, such as exercising, running, or even walking. Large breasts put pressure on the chest, which makes it difficult to breathe in normal situations, not to mention physical activities. Dr. Hopkins can help you get back to the gym and a more active, enjoyable lifestyle by lifting that weight off your chest though breast reduction surgery.

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If you have breasts that are too large for your frame and cause additional medical problems like the ones we mentioned above, call J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hopkins. You can reach him by contacting his office in Dallas at (972) 298-6641 today!