Botox Injections

Botox is currently the number one cosmetic procedure in the entire world. The operation is as popular as it ever was, and currently growing. With how common the procedure is, it’s difficult to believe that the FDA only recently approved the use of Botox in 2002. Unfortunately, some patients still experience bad injections for numerous reasons. An unpleasant experience can be avoided altogether, though. Just follow these tips:

  • Experience – To avoid an unpleasant situation, it’s vital to select a highly experienced surgeon. Your face is important in everyday life, so don’t trust anyone but a doctor with immense experience to inject Botox.
  • Pricing – Unless you’re visiting a plastic surgeon that you know extensively, it’s best to avoid a “deal” or “limited time offer” on Botox injections. These individuals may be inexperienced or using a shoddy product.
  • Excessive Bruising – Many patients are unaware that Ibuprofen and some herbs can cause excess bruising in Botox patients. When bruising does occur, ice is crucial to reduce the swelling and appearance immediately following an injection.
  • Less Works – If you’re having Botox performed for the first time, less is more. On average, 20 units can treat frown lines. Since you’re unsure of how Botox may affect your body, it’s best to ease into the treatment.

Botox Immunity

Over time, Botox immunity can become a reality. Resistance occurs when a patient unknowingly receives a diluted injection and comes back for touch-ups over time. As the weakened Botox begins to fail, your body forms an immunity to the treatment.

Unfortunately, some individuals dilute their supply purposefully. The idea is to create a patient who is dependent on the injections for some time before the immunity strikes.

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