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Medically Reviewed by Dr. J. Hopkins


November 25, 2019

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Many women don’t realize it, but when you choose to have a breast augmentation, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether to have them placed subglandularly (under your breast tissue, but over your chest muscle) or submuscularly (under both your breast tissue and chest muscle). Each has its own set of advantages, as well as specific reasons why women choose one option over the other. Keep reading to learn more.

Why You Might Choose to Have Your Breast Implants Placed Subglandularly

Some local women choose to have a breast augmentation with subglandular implant placement because this position tends to provide a more lifted look once your breasts have healed from surgery. This can result in an overall, more youthful, perkier aesthetic.

Other reasons women choose to have implants placed above the muscle is that this surgery tends to require less of recovery time. If you’re limited on the amount of time you can take off work – or how long you can have friends and family help you around the house as you recover from surgery – you may want to opt for a subglandular breast implant placement.

Additionally, women who are very active often choose to have subglandular implants placed. The reason is that if you’re active, especially with your upper body, a subglandularly placed implant doesn’t disturb your pectoral muscles, which you may use a lot if you hit the gym regularly to lift weights, for example.

Why You Might Choose to Have Your Breast Implants Placed Submuscularly

Despite the benefits of a subglandular breast augmentation, many women choose submuscular placement. There are a variety of reasons why women choose this option, including the fact that implants placed behind the chest muscle tend to show less rippling through the breast skin, are believed to reduce the risk of capsular contracture (a rare complication that results in excessive scar tissue forming around the implant), and this placement tends to make it easier for future mammogram images to be taken. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family or are just concerned about the disease, you may opt to have your implants placed submuscularly simply because they make future mammography procedures easier.

Finding the Right Breast Implant Placement For You

Ultimately, the best way to choose whether to have your breast implants placed above or below your pectoral muscles is to have an open and honest discussion with Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Hopkins during an initial breast augmentation consultation. After all, he has 20 years of plastic surgery experience! That’s exactly the type of experience you want in a plastic surgeon who is going to help you make so many important decisions about such a personal part of your feminine physique.

During this appointment, he’ll be asking you a lot of questions about both your desired aesthetics and your current lifestyle so he can come up with the perfect, personalized treatment plan for you.

Scheduling a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Hopkins is easy. Just call his Dallas plastic surgery practice, J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery, to get on his schedule. You can book your appointment today at (972) 298-6641.