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Upper Eyelid SurgeryCosmetic upper eyelid surgery is a great way to reverse some of the effects of aging. Over time, the muscles around the eye weaken and the skin stretches causing wrinkles, baggy skin, and drooping eyelids. In some cases, the drooping eyelid can even cause vision obstruction. Upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a common way many people use to rejuvenate their eyelids and achieve a more youthful look.

How it Works

The procedure is quite common and relatively simple. It should only last between twenty minutes and two hours, depending on the complexity of your particular surgery and if any other procedures are being performed at the same time, such as lower eyelid surgery or a brow lift. You will require either local or general anaesthesia. For local anesthesia, your doctor will numb the areas around your eyes via injection. General anesthesia will place you in a state of unconsciousness throughout the process via intravenous medication.

Your surgeon will then make incisions in the natural creases of your upper eyelids. In this manner, your scars will be minimized as they will blend into your natural skin folds. The surgeon will remove small amounts of skin, muscle, and fat to achieve the more youthful look. They may also apply a carbon dioxide laser treatment to surrounding skin to lessen wrinkles. Finally, your skin will be glued or sutured to close the incisions.

What to Expect

Immediately following your surgery, there may be some slight bruising and swelling in the area, as well as general discomfort. These can be treated with ice, topical antibiotic, and oral over-the-counter pain medications. You will not be required to wear eye patches, but should refrain from applying makeup until healing is complete. Full recovery typically takes a few weeks, though your sutures should dissolve or be removed in less than a week.

In 2015, surgeons performed over 150,000 upper eyelid surgeries on patients across the country. After the relatively inexpensive surgery, these patients achieved a more youthful appearance with tighter skin around their eyes. You can successfully eliminate that droopy eyelid appearance for up to ten years following a blepharoplasty, after which time you may consider repeating the procedure.

If you have noticed sagging skin around your eyes, you may be a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery. Your trusted surgeon can provide a consultation to discuss your condition and consider various solutions. For more information on your treatment options, contact J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery today at [phone].