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Medically Reviewed by Dr. J. Hopkins


October 5, 2018

Close Up of Female Torso With Breasts In Sheer Yellow Crop TopMany women in Dallas who come to Dr. Hopkins for a breast augmentation report that they are self-conscious because of the way they look. Whether they’ve always felt their breasts are too small, wish their bust could turn heads, or they don’t feel confident with their current body image. Here’s a list of 3 ways that a breast augmentation can help you enhance your self-image and your self-confidence.

  • A Breast Augmentation Can Give You a More Balanced, Hourglass Silhouette that Makes You Feel More Womanly

Some women are very unhappy with their current breast size because they feel they lack the hourglass shape that is commonly thought to be the ideal of femininity. If this sounds like you, then breast augmentation may be able to resolve these issues. Dr. Hopkins often works with his patients to create a more balanced, hourglass silhouette by enlarging the breasts to match the lower portion of a patient’s figure.

  • Larger Breasts Can Resolve an Issue that May Have Bothered You Since Puberty

Some girls dread puberty, while others look forward to it as a rite of passage. You may have been on one end of the spectrum or the other, or somewhere in between. But whatever your thoughts on puberty, if you waited and watched as your friends developed breasts, but your chest remained flatter than others, it’s understandable that you may have unresolved feelings from your teen years.

If you can relate to these types of feelings, Dallas’ Dr. Hopkins can help. Women with these sentiments often don’t want to go too large or look as though they’ve had work done, but simply want to feel comfortable in their own skin. Dr. Hopkins works with women in the Dallas area, just like you every day to provide his patients with pretty, natural-looking breasts that increase their self-esteem.

  • Larger Breasts Can Increase Your Sex Appeal and Help You Turn Heads

Many people say that a woman’s body is a work of art, and you may want to work on your masterpiece. Some women in Dallas who visit Dr. Hopkins have a naturally outgoing and flirtatious personality but feel that their bodies don’t match how they feel inside. If you’re looking to add sex appeal and turn heads with the way you look, Dr. Hopkins can help you achieve your desired look, too. By carefully selecting implant shape and size, you can have breasts that make men take a second glance, and lead them right into a conversation with you.

Dr. Hopkins Can Help

As you can see from these three examples, there are a variety of ways that smaller breast sizes can make a woman feel self-conscious. But breast implants are a solution that can help meet any woman’s wants and needs.

If you’re thinking about a breast enhancement as a way to give you that internal boost you desire, Dr. Hopkins can help.

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