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Medically Reviewed by Dr. J. Hopkins


December 30, 2019

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Dr. Hopkins has worked with so many Dallas women on breast procedures during his 20 years of surgical experience, that he understands that women getting a breast augmentation are hoping to see their final results quickly. But as a plastic surgeon, it’s Dr. Hopkins’ duty to provide you with honest and accurate information. And the truth is, it could take up to 3 months for you to see your final surgical results after you’ve had implants placed.

There are certain factors that can speed up or delay this process, though. Here’s a discussion of surgical choices and body presentation, which may affect how quickly you see the results from your Dallas breast augmentation surgery.

Submuscular Implants Will Take Longer to Heal and Display Final Results

One of the choices that Dallas women make when preparing their breast augmentation surgical plan with Dr. Hopkins is whether their implants will be placed submuscularly (behind the pectoral muscle) or subglandularly (in front of the pectoral muscle). While there are benefits and reasons for women choose both options, you should know that implants placed behind the pectoral muscle generally take longer to settle in. This means if you choose to have your breast implants placed behind your pectoral muscles, you could be on the far end of the bell curve of how quickly you’ll see your surgical results.

Gummy Bear Implants Tend to Display Results More Quickly Than Other Implant Types

Have you heard of gummy bear implants? They are a more cohesive form of silicone breast implants, and they tend to fit the breast pocket created during your surgery better than saline implants and traditional silicone breast implants. This means that Dallas women who choose gummy bear implants will likely see the results from their surgeries faster than those who didn’t.

Your Unique Body Anatomy Can Affect How Quickly Your Implants Will Settle In

All women have unique bodies, and some body types are more likely to display breast augmentation results faster than others. Dallas women who have larger natural breasts, to begin with, or simply have very strong pectoral muscles from their exercise regime, are more likely to display their final results sooner.

Things You Can Do (and Not Do) to Heal from Your Surgery Faster

Obviously, the faster you heal from surgery, the quicker your results will be evident. Things you can do to speed up your recovery process include:

• Following Dr. Hopkins’ post-op instructions exactly
• Drinking lots of water
• Eating a healthy diet
• Keeping all your post-op appointments

Likewise, you should refrain from certain behaviors, including:

• Sleeping on your stomach in the first few weeks of your recovery
• Exercise during the first 6 weeks of your recovering
• Using any nicotine product (including smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco)

Learn More By Consulting with Dr. Hopkins

If you have additional questions about how soon you can see your surgical results from a breast augmentation procedure, it’s best to ask Dr. Hopkins directly. After all, the choices you make for your surgical plan will impact how long it takes to see your results. This way, he can give you a good estimation based on the surgical choices the two of you make together.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hopkins, call his local plastic surgery practice in Dallas today at (972) 298-6641.