I had two cortisone shots in my thumb from Dr. Hopkins, which took care of the discomfort from the injury I experienced last year; however, it did wear off each time. I decided to have the surgery Dr. Hopkins and I discussed, in the event the cortisone did not permanently resolve the problem. He suggested pain meds for after the surgery, but I am one who has adverse reactions to narcotic pain killers. He expressed that if needed, I could take ibuprofen. It was told to me that I should have some pain and swelling. As a matter of fact, I wondered, if under the splint wrap, anything had been done at all, as I experienced absolutely NO PAIN and NO SWEELING. After a month, Dr. Hopkins allowed me to be free of the splint wrap, and my thumb is healed. I couldn’t be happier. What a wonderful doctor and staff! I just couldn’t be more pleased nor rave enough!!!!

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