Dr. Hopkins,
I just wanted to extend my thank to you and your staff.  I had skin removal from my stomach July 21, 2017.  I had a stomach apron and had almost 13 lbs of skin removed. It is going on 8 weeks now and I look and feel amazing. I look so good I just prance around all day long! I can wear things I have not worn in years. I feel like a celebrity. When my friends and family see me, they are shocked at how much better my stomach looks. Having this surgery has really given me a new life and boosted my self confidence to new levels. I can say that the recovery was not at all what I expected. I was surprised that I did so well. I was up and walking the second day.  My incision looks amazing, even at this point. I have a lot of friends that are nurses, and they were amazed at how good my surgery site looked and how fast I was able to return to work. I believe it was because you did an amazing job.  I want to extend a big thank you to Lisa and Misty:  they helped me through this process.  Misty and I touched base each week! She really is a great employee. I can’t tell you how satisfied and how happy I am. Thank you for giving me a new life! My husband thanks you as well….

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