I am truly pleased with the results of my recent surgery performed by Dr. Hopkins. I had a pretty messed up face because of a dog bite. Dr. Hopkins managed to repair my face with no telltale scars. It’s been six months since my surgery . . . I had another recheck today and will return in a few months for a bit more tweaking in one area. I had a ton of stitches and nowhere can you see a single trace of any stitches!

I am very happy with Dr. Hopkins . . . his skills and his ability to listen . . . something most doctors don’t seem to take time enough to do these days. The day of my surgery, everyone who came in to talk to me before wheeling me into the surgery area, every single person had something good to tell me about Dr. Hopkins and how highly skilled he is and how much everyone there likes him. Very comforting to hear right before going into surgery!

His office staff is awesome, too. I feel like I’m in good hands with everyone there. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hopkins and his office staff!