I have been under Dr. Hopkins’ care for over a year and gone through multiple procedures and surgeries.  I’ve never lost faith in Dr. Hopkins as a surgeon/doctor.  He is meticulous, thorough, professional, personable, friendly and answers your questions openly and completely . . . no matter how many you ask him.  However, I did lose faith in his office staff until he hired Amy.  I experienced issues with incorrect information being called into my insurance company, being given wrong dates and times of appointments, orders not being sent over for pre-surgery, prescriptions not being called in correctly or the right amount of refills , being given incorrect information for after surgery and wound care, and orders not being not being sent over for follow up tests.  Too many mistakes continuously to be simple human error.  I voiced my concerns to his staff.  I didn’t change doctors because Dr. Hopkins is a great doctor and those are issues/responsibilities of his office staff.  After he hired Amy, during my second visit with her, she sensed my unease and cared enough to ask and listen to my concerns.  She made sure none of these issues happened again.  Amy has seen me through the worst of health issues by being personable, compassionate, consistent, and above all-professional. Amy and Dr. Hopkins both took the time to actually get to know me genuinely.  Amy and Dr. Hopkins have created an atmosphere of trust with the most important aspect of my visits . . . my overall health and well-being.  I actually still make sure Amy will be there whenever I have an appointment scheduled because I trust her and her skills.  Dr. Hopkins and Amy work so well together; it’s a seamless transition from being seen by him to being see by her during a visit.  I would recommend Dr. Hopkins to my friends and family because of his skills as a surgeon/doctor and because of Amy and her skills as a nurse.