rhinoplasty dallasMost plastic surgeons will tell you that no two rhinoplasty surgeries, or nose jobs as they are commonly referred to, are alike. That’s because every nose is structured slightly differently, and every patient has greatly different desires for their outcomes. Sometimes, Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Hopkins is asked if there’s a difference between male and female rhinoplasty. The answer is sort of a combination of yes/no/maybe so. Continue reading as we explain.

Male and Female Noses

You’ve probably noticed throughout your life that while both Dallas men and women have noses that, for the most part, look the same, there can be, generally speaking, subtle differences between the way a male and female nose presents itself. For example, male noses are generally larger, while female noses are generally smaller. Male noses tend to project further from the face, while female noses don’t. And male noses are usually wider at the base with larger nostrils, while female noses are typically smaller at the base with more narrow nostrils.

Now, it’s important to remember that none of these general features of male and female noses are absolute. Dallas women can have noses that project farther from the face, and their male counterparts can have more narrow nostrils. But, generally speaking, a man’s nose looks different from a woman’s.

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Differences in Rhinoplasty Techniques

The reason why it’s hard to definitively say that a male nose job surgery is different than females is that Dallas patients all have different ideals of the perfect nose. Some patients want to address different issues than others. And, as we’ve already mentioned, while there are some certain nasal characteristics that tend to be present on men and women, they aren’t absolute.

The truth is, when Dr. Hopkins performs rhinoplasty, the techniques he deploys are specific to the patient and his or her desired outcome. That patient’s gender doesn’t come into play, other than the fact that Dr. Hopkins usually has more men with more protruding noses versus men who want their noses to protrude further.

Finding Your Ideal of Beauty

Whether you’re a Dallas man or woman considering rhinoplasty with Dr. Hopkins, it’s important that you conclude what your idea of beauty, or a proper nose for the rest of your facial features, is. Rhinoplasties are highly individualistic surgeries. No one can tell you what the “perfect” nose is for your face. If you’re unhappy with your nose, you need to be able to communicate what you don’t like about it, and ultimately what you want those undesired features to look like.

Working with Dr. Hopkins

The benefits of working with a physician like Dr. Hopkins on a nose job surgery are significant. Dr. Hopkins is triple board certified, has over 18 years of experience, and has performed over 5,000 procedures during his career. He has a tremendous amount of experience working with patients who desire a nose job and helping them to define their idea of a good outcome. Through consultation, Dr. Hopkins can help you find these desires, too.

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