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Medically Reviewed by Dr. J. Hopkins


August 22, 2019

Female on plastic surgery office with marked lines on faceSo, you’ve decided to take the plunge and have plastic surgery. How exciting! You’re finally going to have the body image you’ve been dreaming of for years. But wait – if you live in Dallas and have a nicotine habit, whether you smoke cigarettes, use chewing tobacco, vape, or use other products that contain nicotine, you might have to put on the brakes before you’re plastic surgery procedure at Dallas’ J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery.

While Dr. Hopkins isn’t in the business of lecturing his Dallas patients about their nicotine habits, he is in the business of keeping his patients healthy and safe during and after their plastic surgery procedures. This includes making sure they are nicotine-free for 3 weeks before and after their procedure. “But why?” you may ask. Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on the dirty little deed nicotine can do to ruin your results.

What Does Smoking Have To Do With Plastic Surgery?

Smokers in the Dallas area already know that the habit can have medical and cosmetic effects on a person’s body. In fact, the results of smoking may be just what you want Dr. Hopkins to correct during your procedure. But smoking can also affect your plastic surgery results and recovery.

The most important thing to note about smoking before and after plastic surgery is that nicotine use will restrict your blood vessels, which limits the amount of oxygen that is able to get through your body. If oxygen cannot adequately circulate throughout your body, specifically to the surgery site, your skin and tissues in that area are at a higher risk of being damaged or dying.

In addition, people who smoke or use other nicotine products also run a higher risk of:

  • Infection after their plastic surgery procedure,
  • A longer recovery process,
  • Losing the fat cells they need (fat necrosis), which can lead to hard lumps at the plastic surgery site,
  • Increased pain,
  • Having thick, wide scars,
  • Permanent damage to small blood vessels,
  • Blood clots, which can lead to death,
  • And other life-threatening complications such as stroke and heart attack.
  • Skin Loss

Your overall health is Dr. Hopkins’ top priority. That’s why he will not take you on as a plastic surgery patient if you do not agree to quit smoking for a few weeks. He wants what’s best for you, your complete health, and your desired results, so be open and honest about your nicotine habits with him during your consultation. That way he will be able to create the best plan of treatment for your specific needs and help you find a smoking cessation program if necessary.

Dr. Hopkins At J. Hopkins Plastic Surgery Is Just A Phone Call Away

If you are a smoker, or you use other forms of nicotine and want to have a plastic surgery procedure, call our Dallas office today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hopkins. During your appointment, you will be able to discuss your entire medical history with him, including your nicotine usage. If you need help quitting, Dr. Hopkins will be able to assist you, but it’s important to remember that following through is up to you. With Dr. Hopkins, all of you matters, not just the parts of you needing plastic surgery, so don’t be afraid to confide in him. You can reach his office today by calling (972) 298-6641.